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i got...

winter got eyebrows
byun got abs
i got...


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Blog V1.0: soloseeker
whenever you come, i will welcome

Ayo seekers! /nah

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This may not be the first post, but here goes the introduction of this blog. Reasons why i choose "soloseeker" as this blog's name, why i use classic template, why i pick this palette, and what kind of post i'd write.

Seek a peek ➜


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Thoughts: Organizations

A human can only be expert on one ability.
Organizations unify abilities into infinity.

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BoardingLife: New Room
obviously aint my room


The undesirable schedule was held today; room disbandment T_T . My roommates and i had been counting this day down since our arrival of the second half. The day when all memories are supposed to be buried to the past desperately. (hmmm actin poetic)

I've stayed at this room since past one year. I spent moments with 21 distinct dorks. Well, i heart all of them. فكرة سوية :') We were one through the tears and the sacrifices. But then time separated us into boundaries. Neither i nor you could stop it.

Take a deep inhale and just accept what's going on =)

But i can't resist that everything was so beautiful as long as i was with them.

Seek a peek ➜

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BoardingLife: Aresta
slight warning: the post isn't really related to Aresta timeline


Aresta Day 3.

It's almost 10am. Dormitories almost turn into cemeteries.

I'm at my room's balcony. So quiet here that i'm able to hear someone at other dormitory talkin. Everybody is watching nasyid performances at ONYX Field which have been held since yesterday. They said the contestants were boring but wth are they going there again. Here i conclude that there are still more bizarre people than me.

In other words, they're the normal ones, and i'm the one who is abnormal. No, it's not abnormal, it's miraculous.

Almost nobody wanders off, crazes on the yard, buys meal, or does dhuha prayer in the masjid. They all are hands up at ONYX -_-a ... or going to bazaar.  Bazaar's goods are averagely expensive TwT My purse won't  fit TwT But i'm gonna buy zuppa soup soon. I heard the testimonies/? and thumbs up. It's IDR 12K, and worth it! ><

Seek a peek ➜

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BoardingLife: FLUXUS
rendezvouz while performing fight song and the nights


Whole important errands for the second grader's almost over. We organized our big event well. It was a grand lecture (محاضرة الكبرى) named FLUXUS.

It was me who suggested the name. Pffft. Flux as noun means "perubahan yang terus-menerus" and as verb "mencairkan". Lol just google it. So my philosophy of FLUXUS was "the moment we flux"; mencairkan" or "the moment that flux us; perubahan yang terus menerus". Definitely, we flux to the right direction.

The event consisted bilingual lectures and some entertaining performances, such as drama, choir, and dances. Our chairman separated us into divisions. The divisions were logistical support, decoration, entertainment, lighting, property, consumption, umm, i'm doubt if there's else but i think no.

Oh yup, i forgot my own division. I was in charge of the audio, i was the sound director. This was the smallest division among the others. Consisted of just 4 dorky people. I was responsible for the drama.

Few months back, I practiced really tough. Everyday was such a hustle life. I went to school on the morning, attended study club on the afternoon, and practiced for upcoming FLUXUS with team. Immediately after isya prayer, i got dressed, slipped on shoes, and ran downstairs--my room is on the second floor of the dorm--to gather with the others; drama players and the logistics. Should i mention them one by one?

The responsible persons for drama were Kiya and Oci. As casts, Kiya was Guard 3 and Oci was the narrator. Sometimes, our scriptwriter, Chavia, joined in our practice to control and synchronize the gesture and dialogues with the script. Emphatically, she was our director.

The main characters were Almas aka Arfan and Sasa aka Moudy. Their friends were Mim as Liam, Awra as Allenc, and Arina as Amira. Their agency, ISRA, was owned by Jav Kindi alias Bitot--oh pls. They struggled against the black one that was being ruled by Velloura or Mad(am[e]). The black's allies were Agna as Jack, Agni as Mayleen, Nezwa as Demian, Hanna as Guard 1, and Fatim as Guard 2. The logistics who were doublejob as the cast were Fafa as Guard 4, Revi as Guard 5, and Wafi as servant who appeared in the ending :p

So, as i introduced the casts, you'll certainly know the genre of the drama. It was an action drama, Chavia entitled it... The Risen Guardians.

Seek a peek ➜

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